Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel makes conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing easier than ever. Use the new pixel with standard events and you’ll be able to access all features below.

  • Conversion tracking. See how successful your ad is by seeing what happened as a direct result of your ad.
  • Optimization. Automatically bid for conversions after you set up your pixel.
  • Remarketing. Remarket to everyone who visits your site, or just to people who visit specific pages or take specific actions.

To create your Facebook pixel:

  1. Go to your Facebook Pixel tab in Ads Manager.
  2. Click Create a Pixel.
  3. Enter a name for your pixel. You can have only one pixel per ad account, so choose a name that represents your business.
  4. Check the box to accept the terms.
  5. Click Create Pixel and copy to your clipboard (highlight pixel and click CTRL+C (or CMD+C on Mac)).
  6. Navigate to Settings --> Facebook Pixel in your backoffice system, place your cursor in the field provided and click CTRL+V (or CMD+V on Mac).
  7. Click Save Changes.