View Registration Rules

Registration Rules allow you total flexibility in determining eligibility for registration through your system.  Once a Participant is created, the system will then take the information entered and compare that against the Registration Rules created. The system will then show the registrant exactly which program or programs they're eligible for, allowing them to continue with the registration process:

To access this feature, click on Programs --> View Registration Rules.  From there, click on +Add New to create a new Registration Rule:

1. Title:

Add a Title to your rule to make for easy reference of your rule later.  The Title field is required, however, only for your reference and not viewable or used by your registrants.

2. Description:

Add a Description to your rule to provide notes and/or details of the rule you've created.  The Description field is required, however, is only for your reference and not viewable or used by your registrants.

3. Options:

The Options section allows you to set the rules desired in terms of who can or cannot register for specific program(s).  The Registration Rules feature employs the idea of "And" / "Or" depending on if you're creating one rule with multiple options (And) or multiple, separate rules for the same program (Or).  Below is more detail on this subject:


Enabling multiple options within one Rule will apply all of those options to the required parameters. This creates an "AND" statement.  

For example, enabling a Gender of 'Male' AND a Minimum Age of '10' will prevent any participants outside of both of those parameters from registering for the program(s) assigned to that rule.


Enabling two different Rules, each with a single parameter set (enabling a Gender of 'Male' in one Rule and a Minimum Age of '10' in a separate Rule) creates an "OR" statement.  This means the system will accept the participant if they meet at least one of those requirements: 'Male' OR at least '10' years old.

Following are the various options available when creating rules.  

a. Gender

If your program requires a specific gender restriction, this can be enabled under the Gender option.  Simply select Male or Female during the setup process

b. Minimum Age

Set the minimum required age in the box provided.  The system will verify the age based on the date of birth entered when the Participant file is created and use that in conjunction with the Start Date of each active program in your system.

c. Maximum Age

Set the maximum required age in the box provided.  The system will verify the age based on the date of birth entered when the Participant file is created and use that in conjunction with the Start Date of each active program in your system.

d. Email Domain

Set only those email domains permitted when Participants are created.  For example, if you create a program where only registrants (Participants) who work for a specific company are allowed to register, you can use this feature to prevent any Participant with an email address other than '' from registering.  That said, if RegPoint Solutions were to only allow those people who have a RegPoint Solutions email address to register for a program, we would enter '' in the box provided when creating the Participant.  Anyone who doesn't have that email address would be deemed ineligible, therefore, unable to register.

e. Participant Questions

When selecting the *Participant Questions option, it is necessary to click Add New then select the Question/Answer combination that will become the new rule.  You can also select multiple Question/Answer combinations to create your rule as well. 

For example, if you only accept registrations from people who live in Paris OR London OR New York, then you can add multiple Participant Questions as part of the rule.  When the registrant creates their participant file and answers those questions associated with this rule, the system will determine whether they're eligible or not.  

See sample below:

Additionally, adding different questions such as 'Where do you live?' AND 'How long have you lived in your current city?' will allow you to accept a participant who currently lives in Paris OR London AND have lived there for six or more years.

*The questions found in this section are created through "View Registration Questions".  Questions to be used as Rules must have their Assignment Type set as "Participant".

f. Prerequisite Programs

The Prerequisite Programs option allows you to assign programs that are required to be selected by that participant prior to selecting other programs.  For example, if you require "Art Class Part I" to be taken prior to "Art Class II", selecting "Art Class I" as a prerequisite will remove "Art Class II" from the list of available programs for those participants.

4. Choose Programs:

Once your Rule is created, you will then be required to choose which Program(s) to assign that rule to.  You can select one program or multiple programs by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard (Hint - Using the Shift key on your keyboard allows you to select a large group, including all programs at one time).