Setting Access Rights


Access rights can be set for your users in the Settings section.   The following steps will outline this process:


1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Access Rights in the menu on the left side

3. There are two sections, Access Rights and Access Levels

4. Under the Access Rights section, you can grant users access to various areas of the system.  Additionally, you can grant specific users access where other users with the same Access Level rights aren't permitted.  For example, clicking the blue Edit link next to Settings, you can add the user name of a user who may need access to the section who may have the Director Access Level.  They would have access this section while other Directors won't.

Access Rights

This section allows you to set Access Rights to the following sections:  Programs, Registrations, Reports, Marketing, Communication, Payments, Settings, Master Accounts, and Finance.

Access Levels

This section allows you to review and edit the following Access Levels:  Super User, Admin, Director, User.


For more details on this section, please review the video below: