Searching For A Registration


Searching Registration records can be done a few different ways.  Click on Registrations to get started:

  • The Quick Search Box
  • The Navigation Bar
  • Grid Headings

The Quick Search Box:

Located in the left column, this feature allows you to search by Phone, Email, and Last Name.  Enter the desired information in one of the fields provided and click Search.


The Navigation Bar:

Located at the bottom of the grid (Registrations listing), this feature allows you to move through the pages, with the arrows provided or display more Registrations at one time.  Additionally, clicking on the magnifying glass/quick search tool, you can enter any part of the Last Name or Registration Status.  Clicking Enter will bring all records with those specifications into view.


Grid Headings:

The Grid Headings can be moved to create a custom view.  Also, clicking on a particular heading, will re-order the data.  For example, clicking on Last Name, will alphabetize the order by last name.