Registration Status Overview


The Registration Status shows the current status of a particular registration.  It is important to understand the various status labels and how they affect your registrations.  Below you will find a list of the different Registration Status labels and their definitions


Registration Status Labels & Their Definitions


  • Registration received
  • Not accepted into any program
  • Not able to have payments processed


  • Accepted into program
  • No payment has been processed yet
  • Payments are available to be processed


  • Accepted into program
  • Initial deposit payment has been paid
  • There is a remaining balance due
  • Scheduled payments are in place and waiting to be processed.  For those registrations with scheduled payments, the Registration Status must be set to Deposit in order for those scheduled payments to process properly.


Holding place for registrations that have had issue processing a payment. Please review all registrations with the Declined status and change their status to Confirmed or Deposit once the issue has been resolved to process their payment again.



  • Not on roster
  • Could have a balance that would need to be refunded depending on the camp policy regarding cancellations.


  • Registration accepted
  • On roster
  • All payments have been received and the balance due should be $0.00.


  • Manual holding place for registrations at system user's discretion.


  • Not on roster
  • Not paid
  • Click "Accept Participant" button to add registration to active roster for program registered.


  • Not on roster
  • Waiting for payment


  • Registration from previous season
  • No longer available for use