Processing Payment Plans



The Payment Plan option can be utilized when a participant selects the Deposit or Bill-Me option.  Once the registration is in the system, follow these steps to activate the Payment Plan option:


1. Go to Registrations in the top menu.

2. Click on the Edit link to enter the Registration to be worked with.

3. Click on the Registration Details tab.

4. Toward the bottom of the screen, select "Yes" next to Payment Plan to enable this option.

5. Click Save.


Once the Payment Plan option is enabled, follow these steps to process payments:


1. Go to Payment in the top menu.

2. Click on the Process Payment Plans link on the left side.

3. If you have a large number of Participants on Payment Plans, you can use the Program Filter to process the Payment Plans.

4. Enter the payment amount to be applied to their account(s) in the 'Enter Payment Amount to Process' field.

5. Select the Participants to be charged by checking the boxes or clicking on 'Select' to select all.

6. Click on Submit Batch to process payments.