Payment Models


Payment Models allow you to create custom payment types, allowing your registrants to take advantage of various payment options during the registration process.  This feature provides you with the ability to offer easy to fairly complicated payment plans to meet your specific needs.


To get started, click Payment --> Payment Models

1. Click Add New to create your Payment Model

2. Enter your Payment Model Name

3. Select the type of Payment Model required

Payment Model Name

This is the title for the Payment Model being created.  

For example, you may create a monthly payment option titled "Monthly Payments".  This description will be shown during the payment portion of the registration process.


Payment Model Type

Payment Model Types are pre-built templates that give you a head start when creating your Payment Model.  The list of options includes:

  • Single Payment
  • Deposit, Remainer
  • Split Payment
  • Recurring Payment
Once your Payment Model Name is entered and a Payment Model Type selected, the next screen will allow you to further establish your settings for that Payment Model.  The sample below, a Split Payment option, shows that you can split the payment entered in the Position Price field of the Registration Option within your program setup.  

In the example below, a position price entered of $400 would be split into 4 payments of $100 each, beginning on the Accept Date, which is the date the registration was created:

Assigned Programs

  • You can assign multiple programs your Payment Model once completed.  Simply check the boxes next to the program(s) the Payment Model is to be applied to.

Start Date:

  • Accept Date
  • Deposit Last Pay Date (Deposit Expiration Date)
  • Program End Date
  • Program Start Date
  • Registration Cutoff Date