Getting Started - Spring Training Documentation (CamperReg)

This document includes important information to help get you back in to shape with your CamperReg system.  It includes annual maintenance items, tips, suggestions, new features and an overall view of the CamperReg system to get you on the right track!  For your convenience, the printable, attached PDF offers the same information in an easy to refer to format!


Step 1 - Review Your Settings

If it's been awhile since your last season or since you have used CamperReg, the first item of attention should be to review your system Settings.


Site Parameters

1. Click on Settings and review the three tabs:


                a. Organization Name: Confirm the information is still up to date and make changes as necessary.

                b. Registration Settings: Confirm the information is still up to date and make changes as necessary.

                c. Download Forms: Sometimes the downloaded forms are utilized for a specific year or season.  This is a great opportunity to review these forms and ensure all are up to date.


User Accounts

The User Accounts section shows all users who have access to your CamperReg system.  It is important to keep this information up to date and remove any users who no longer need access to your CamperReg system or who are no longer with your organization.


User Groups

User Group Access allows you to create groups - permitting access of programs to specific users.  This is a great tool to use when you have several program options. 


Step 2 - Archive Your Programs

At the end of the previous season, you should have archived your Programs and Registrations.  This process allows you to start each season with a clean slate.  If not, please review the steps below...


Archiving Programs & Registrations

Archiving Programs and Registrations is an important step related to the annual maintenance of your registration system.  At the end of each season* you must Archive all past programs and registrations in order to start with a clean slate going into the next season. Rest assured, when programs and registrations are Archived, they are not deleted from the system but are simply moved from an “Active” status to an “Archived” status. Archiving all of your “past participant” data allows us to keep your system moving fast and helps you to better organize new programs and registrations. In essence, this step resets the Programs page by removing old listings, and resets the Registrations page by taking the active registration counts back to zero. 


* There is no pre-determined date range for a “season”. Seasons are solely set by the client and can be anything. For example, a summer camp season may run from Sept 1 – August 30, whereas a winter sports association season may run from Oct 1 to May 1.


Important Things to Note

  • Once program listings and related registrations are archived, all data in those records will become un-editable. However, you will still be able to export email and mailing addresses via the Marketing tab, send email via the Communication tab, and even make payments to these accounts. 
  • There is not a specific date that you need archive programs and registrations, but it is best to do so once all programs have been completed for the season, all financial reports have been run, all registrations have been paid in full, and books are balanced.
  • Within each archived program listing, you will find the End of Year Report. This report can be downloaded from any archived program and includes a complete data dump of all pertinent registration information.
  • Please note that the End of Year Report will show the status, and balance due, of each registration at the time of archiving and this status cannot be changed once Archived. Once Archiving is initiated and completed, all programs and registrations will be listed as Archived. For this reason it is recommended that all registrations for a given program are Paid in full at time of Archiving. If this is not possible and you need to archive before collecting any final payments, you may use the Make A Payment button inside an individual, archived registration to process a payment.
  • All Reports found in the standard Reports area of the system will continue to display Archived programs and registrations (for the time being). They will simply reflect a status of Archived. Archived Programs and Registrations can be filtered out using the filtering features within each relative report.
  • Affects on the following Dashboard reports:

                1. Dashboard Registration Counts and Revenue by Month Graphs: Not affected

                2. Real-Time Registrations Report: Archived camps will not be displayed

                3. Monthly Registrations report: Not affected.


How to Archive Your Programs and Registrations

Go to Programs and click the edit button next to the program you want to archive. Inside each program listing you will find two new buttons:


1. Archive Program

This button will archive the selected program listing and all registrations associated with it, and set all of them to Archived status. This button is designed to be used for those programs you will no longer be offering during the following season, as outlined below. You will then find this listing under the View Archived Programs link.


2. Archive and Copy Program

This button will archive the selected program listing and all registrations associated with it, and set all of them to Archived status. In addition, it will also make an exact copy of the selected program listing, while deleting a few of the date sensitive fields, and set that new program listing to active status. You will then find this new, copied program listing under the Programs main page, and the one you just archived under the View Archived Programs link.


This button is designed to allow you to archive the previous seasons program listing, and all associated registrations, while at the same time creating an exact copy of the listing for the following season. 


Where to find Archived Programs and Registrations

  • All archived camps will display under the blue "View Archived Programs" link on the left side of the main Programs page.
  • All archived registrations will display under the blue "Archived Registrations" link on the left side of the main Registrations page.


Step 3 - Review Your Programs And Additional CamperReg Features


1. Review Programs

Once the archiving process has been completed, review your current programs and develop a plan for editing previous/copied programs and/or developing new ones.  Take advantage of the "Archive and Copy Program" feature as this can be a huge time-saver when starting a new season! 


Following are important items to check when reviewing your copied Program Listings.  This may be due to seasonal changes, registration/program changes, etc...  Be sure not to overlook other items as necessary, for example, facility changes, etc...:


Programs Tab

  • Program Title
  • Status
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Registration Cut Off Date


Registration Details Tab

  • Max Participants
  • Max Waitlisted
  • Registration Options



  • Accept Participant Message
  • Credit Card Declined Message
  • Waitlist Message


In addition to reviewing your Programs, it's also a great time to review and update the following:

                 a.            View Registration Questions

                 b.            View Registration Add-Ons


2. Review Promo Codes (if applicable)

If utilizing the Promo Codes available within your CamperReg system, now is a great time to make sure these codes are up to date and ready for the season. 


Click on Marketing > Manage Promo Codes


Here you can Add new Promo Codes or Edit existing codes by clicking on the blue Edit link on the right side of the grid.  When updating current codes, be sure to update the "Valid Through" date as well as the Programs a particular code is assigned to.


3. Review Email Templates

Reviewing Email Templates may or may not be a necessary item on your 'to do list'.  In the case that you have created Email Templates with specific dates, seasons, etc..., you'll want to make sure to edit those templates to the current time period.


4. Review Shopping Cart

Once your Programs are up to date and Activated, it is recommended practice to review your shopping cart utility to ensure all Programs are activated properly and pulling in accurate information (Registration Questions, Registration Add-Ons, Registration Options, etc...).  Completing this step will confirm an error free Program selection process for your visitors.


At this point, you have completed the steps necessary to bring your Programs up to date and ready for the new season.  If there are any questions during this process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at: