Creating Statements And Invoices

There are a few options for creating statements and invoices.  We will outline two of the most common options below.

Creating Bulk Statements And Invoices

1. Click on Payment --> Statements And Invoices.

2. Use the Program Filter to select the Program participants the invoices and/or statements will be sent to. 

3. Select the Registration Status(es) applicable to the invoices/statements you're sending.

4. Click one of the follow options to complete this task:

 a. Print Statements

 b. Email Statements

 c. Print Invoices

 d. Email Invoices

Generating And Emailing Statements And Invoices To A Single Registration

You can process individual invoices & statements in the Registration section.  Follow the steps below to create an invoice or statement:


1. Click on Registrations.


2. Navigate to the Registration you would like to work with and click on the blue Edit link.


3. Once in the Registration, click on the Registration Details tab.


4. Just below the Account Flags section, you have the following options available:

  • Generate Invoice
  • Generate Statement
  • Email Invoice
  • Email Statement

5. Clicking on Generate Invoice, for example, will open a new screen with a view of the invoice.  At this point, you can review the invoice and print or save to a PDF file.


6. Selecting the Email option will email the invoice directly to the participant - to the email address listed in the Master Account.