Creating Search Tags


The Search function set up takes place in two areas of the system and allows you to take full advantage of the Search For A Program function located at the top of the screen in your shopping cart. 

1.Setting up your Search Labels

Go to Settings --> Registration Settings tab


The first part of your setup takes place under the Registration Settings tab in your system Settings. Here you'll want to set the names of the search tags that you will enter into each Program Listing. These are the titles presented on the Search Filter box of the Program Listing page on your public website.


You can enable and/or disable the following default Search Options as well:

  • Age
  • Grade 
  • Gender

2.  Setting up your Program Search Tags

Go to Programs --> Edit (next to Program to be edited) --> Details tab


Within the Details tab, scroll down to the section titled "Keywords". The options entered here drive the Search Label results fields in the red “Search For A Program” button at the top of registration page on your public site (Shopping Cart). Search Labels must first be set on the Settings page (see #1) before you can enter the Search label tags here.  This process assists registrants in locating the programs they're interested in registering for.

The Search Tags in your program setup coincide with the Search Labels found in your system settings.  For instance:

Search Label 1 = Search Tag 1

Search Label 2 = Search Tag 2

Search Label 3 = Search Tag 3

Search Label 4 = Search Tag 4

*Note: Search Label 1 = "Age" and Search Tag 1 = "Ages 10-18" in the images above.  The image below shows how these fields work together to provide your registrants the search options to select from.

Finally, there is no official "right" or "wrong" way to use the search feature.  There are a number of different ways this feature can be utilized so please feel free to experiment and find the set up that works best for your particular needs.