Creating A Promotional Code

Review the following steps to create a Promotional or "Promo" Code that allows for a percentage or fixed rate discount:



1. Click on Marketing --> Manage Promotions

2. Click the Add button to begin creation of your Promo Code


3. Enter your Promo Code Name in the first field, being sure to only use a combination of upper case letters and numbers only, with no spaces.


4. Enter your Amount (dollar/static amount) or Percentage.  These are the discounts provided.  For example, entering 25.00 in the Amount field will reduce the total amount owed by $25.00.  Entering 25.00 in the Percentage field will reduce the total amount owed by 25%.


5. In the Valid Through field, enter an expiration date for your Promo Code.


6. Select the Program(s) you wish this Promo Code to be associated with.


7. Click on Save And Exit.