View Registration Add Ons

It is possible to create unlimited Registration Add-Ons.  This makes it easier than ever to add t-shirts, hats, and various fee based items to your Programs.  Follow the steps below to begin creating your Registration Questions:

1. Click on Programs --> View Registration Add-Ons

2. Click on the green Add New button at the top of the grid

3. On the new Registration Add-Ons page, complete the fields as outlined below:

A. Write the exact text of the item type in the Item field, as you want it to be shown on the Registration Add-Ons portion of the registration form.

B. If the item is one with pre-determined answers, for example, “Small, Medium, Large, etc...”, enter the possible answers (S,M,L,XL) in the Options box, separated by commas.  Your Options Label, in this case, would be "Sizes" or "Size Options". You do not need to add a call to action at the top of the list such as  “Please Select” as that is added for you by the system. If there are no selections to choose from, you can leave this field blank.

C. Enter your price in the Price filed provided. this amount, when the Add-On is selected, will be added to the grand total.

D. If the question is for Internal purposes only, meaning it will show up on the registration form in your back office only, but it will not show up on the online registration form itself, you would set the Internal Only box to Yes. An example of this is a question you want to track for Internal purposes only, but do not want the client to answer it during the registration process, like "Additional Room Key Fee"

E. Images for your Add-On can be uploaded in the Settings > Download Forms section.  Once an image is uploaded, it can then be selected in the drop down menu and added to the Add-On option during the registration process.

F. Choose the program(s) you want to assign this question to. This question will appear on the Add-Ons page for the Programs only.

Once you have all the fields above set the way you want them click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. The question will be added to the live, online registration form immediately.

Editing Registration Add-Ons Within A Registration

There are times you will need to edit existing or add new Registration Add-Ons to existing registrations.  This can be done inside the Registration:


1. Click on Registrations --> Click the blue Edit link next to the Registration you wish to work with.

2. Click on the Add-Ons tab.

3. Here you can click on Add New to add a new Add-On or click Delete to remove existing Add-Ons.