Adding A New User

The following steps will walk you through adding a new user to your RegPoint system:

1. Click on Settings --> User Accounts.

2. Click on Add New User and complete the fields following fields...

A. ID Field

This will be the User Name for the new account.  Commonly, this will be the first initial, last name of the user's name.

B. Pass Field

This is the password the new user will use to log in to their account.  The password must be 8 characters minimum and contain a capital letter and number.  

For example: Abcdefg1

C. Email Field

Enter the user's email address in this field.

D. Role Field

There are four default user access levels currently available to choose from.  These include Super User, Admin, Director, and User.  Depending on the Role selected, your user will be provided with various access to different parts of the system.  These levels can be further edited through the Access Rights menu option located in the left menu under your system Settings.

3. Once all fields are completed, click Submit.  Your new user can now log in through the login screen of your RegPoint system.