Adjusting Background & Header Images:


*Note: Prior to adjusting images, they must be uploaded.  


To set and adjust the background image, use the following text only options.


Repeat the background vertically:       background_image,y

Repeat the background horizontally:  background_image,x


header_logo,0,0 (for the logo) - 50,10 would be 50 pixels down and 10 to the right

header_background - currently must be 960 x 191px


Advanced Notes:

To change the offset for the logo, you will need to reupload the file.  If you have a logo in place, you can replace the file without needing to delete and reupload as a new one and then re-assign as the logo

Background and Logo Images:

Using a PNG 24 image, you can change the site background color and have the PNG overlay with a transparency.  This depends on the image itself as the image must have transparency to it.  If the image is white, it will show up white no matter how much you adjust the background color.  The logo file is the same way in that it must have transparency in the image to layer with the header background and not show up with a white box around it.  GIF files also have transparency.